Our Philosophy



Law firm “Allagainstthehaul” bases its work on the total study of the issue and individual approach to the case, solving the existing problems of the Client, which implies a thorough analysis of the array of legislation governing the disputed legal relations, the study of current court practice, the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights as a source of law, and other necessary actions, which together aims to protect the interests of the Client as comprehensively as possible.

We work openly and honestly in relation to the Client, informing him about the progress of work while adhering to the principle of confidentiality of problems and issues that the Client trusts our company.

We believe that only through the complete dedication of our specialists there is a result favorable for the Client.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with experience in dispute resolution in various areas of legal relations.

In case You have questions, in the resolution of which requires professional legal assistance, regardless of the branch of law in which they arose, the legal company “Allagainstthehaul” will provide a full range of legal services and will stand on guard of Your rights and interests.